Idag slutade vi tidigt från skolan, det var skönt. Även om vi typ inte gjorde så mkt i skolan, första lektionen hade vi avslutning med pedagogiskt drama och andra lektionen hade vi läsförståelse i Svenska. Det gick väl helt okej. Vi får se.

På kvällen blev det VårRuset. Det var typ , kul ?! Jag vet inte.. Jag gick 5 km. Eller jag sprang första kilometern bara för att komma ut till vägen, men det mådde mina hälsenor inte någevidare bra av. Menmen..

Juste, sen råkade jag somna ute i solen idag, jag är skeeetaaa röd. HAHA!
[random bild från google]

Puuss på er!

Postat av: christina westerberg

Looks like it's still sunshine and warm weather over there- lucky you. We got 10 degrees today and rain.
We are looking forward to watch ice hockey today, it is Stanley cup final now.Detroit against Pittsburgh. It's fun to see because it is mostly Swedes playing the Detroit team. Last game they did 90 min play with overtime because one of them had to win! The Swedes were one goal away from winning the cup but finally lost the game. Hopefully they will take it tonight. Be careful with your ankles and sunburn!
Big hugs from us over here

2008-06-04 @ 19:55:16
Postat av: Emelie

Yes, It´s going to be warmer too! =D You can tell granpa that. The one who dont like cold Sweden......
Okej, I want to see a real NHL game someday. It would be cool.
Yes, I´m for detroit. (jag hejar på dom, rätt ??)
I will take it careful, but I want to be as brown as mum. Even if it's imposible...

Hugs and kisses!

2008-06-04 @ 22:58:55
URL: http://emlixx.blogg.se
Postat av: christina westerberg

Hey we won! That is, Detroit won the Stanley Cup today.
The hero for today was Nick Zetterberg who did one goal and one "passning" I forgot the word.Ended with 3- 2 to Red Wings. It was so exciting that we almost got a heart attack.
Please don't take after mom when it comes to sunburn- she is a smart woman but not when it's about suntanning. Do it wisely, a little bit at a time.
Remember that mom is spelled like this, short for mommy (mother). Mum means either quiet or a flower, krysantemum. Todays spell check!
Hugs from us over here

2008-06-05 @ 07:07:03
Postat av: Emelie

I heard that on the radio this morning, congratulations to detroit! You have to think of that you are getting old!!! =D

Hahah, I wont. Or i can't. I havn't the same skin as her.


2008-06-05 @ 17:43:47
URL: http://emlixx.blogg.se
Postat av: christina westerberg

Who's getting old? Not in our eyes! Just kidding.
Puss Puss

2008-06-05 @ 21:00:39

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