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Postat av: granma and granpa

Please, please, don't do ANY training with your
heals damaged -
it could take years for that to heal.

Warning for Red Bull and a candy bag - not so good for your tummy!!!Take an apple and a banana instead.

See Ya

2008-04-05 @ 18:19:43
Postat av: Emelie

Hello American UFO's.
I will train as long as I want to, untill I die. Mohahaha. I´m just kidding. I will take care of my body, but not right now.

I have to eat candy and drink redbull when we have matematics all day and the sun is shining outside. I dont like bananas, I´m sorry.

See Ya 2. ;)

2008-04-05 @ 21:19:52
Postat av: Emelie

and by the way, i love you ;) dessutom kan man skriva på svenska. =D

2008-04-05 @ 21:22:17
Postat av: christina westerberg

hello Sweetie,
We don't have any "swedish keyboard" sorry and by the way - you need to practice English too.
Mathematics ...correct spelling!

When you have aches and paines - it's your body's way of telling you to
stop and rest for a while.
Puss Puss granma and granpa

2008-04-07 @ 19:17:27
Postat av: Emelie

Hahaha, I think you're right. I´m really bad in English. I have realized that now in high school. And it´s a little bit embarrassing because you are living in USA so I should be better then I am.

I know, I´ve heard it before and I will probably hear it again. I will take it calm, but I wont stop training.

Bear Hug from Emelie. =)

2008-04-07 @ 21:24:11
URL: http://emlixx.blogg.se
Postat av: christina westerberg

Congratulations to your and your teammates success last Sunday. You seem unbeatable. Your language needs some polishing - hockey talk, I guess. To much "typ"
among other things. I'm glad you got the message to slow down your hectic life. The season is almost over anyway. I will look for new shoes for you tomorrow.

Many Big Hugs, mormor & morfar

2008-04-08 @ 04:17:15
Postat av: Emelie

Oh, great!! I´m longing (längtar) for the shoes. =D And by the way, could you please send some KettleCorn too ? We aren't having some kettlecorns left...
Whatever. =D
Say hi to morfar from me. =)


2008-04-08 @ 18:58:52
Postat av: christina westerberg

Sorry, I missed to read your mail before I shipped your shoes yesterday. No kettle corn this time.
I will remember it next time. Hopefully you will like the shoes and that they will be fine.
I did send a "party top" in the package too - it should fit one of you three girls in the family.
We got spring weather here today- nice!
Puss Puss mormor morfar

2008-04-10 @ 18:20:24
Postat av: Anonym

Okej, it´s ok. =) Yes, I think I will like them. I cant have these kind of shoes anylonger. Just because of my heals.... But I have got "inlägg" so I think it would be ok anyway.
I bet it will fit one of us.
Oh, I want spring here too. We had it last week but this week it has just been raining and, believe it or not, Snowing!! I woke up one morning and saw the white sweden, I went kind of surprised. I hope it would be better weather here soon too. If not, could you please send some to us ?


2008-04-10 @ 22:27:49
Postat av: christina westerberg

Hi sweetie,
I will do my best to send the
spring weather over to you now. Tomorrow on my birthday - miss Sunshine will be here, they say.
This is great practice for you to write English isn't it?
It's pretty funny to read your blog - don't get stressed out if you miss one day though. I almost bought a pair of heal inlay for you, have you seen the new one with so called gel inside? Ask mom to buy them for you. Note spelling on bele-ive, they always have this word on tests because it's hard to spell. (rece-ive)
Puss puss granma and granpa

2008-04-11 @ 03:54:32
Postat av: Emelie

Oh, great!! Happy Birthday granma!! Today is your day. =) I hope you enjoy the present I think mum have send over to you.
Yes, it is really good. I really have to learn more english. We have "nationaltest" in english next week, on thursday I think.

Ok, but i have goot heal inlays from Charlotte, from her job. I hope they will work. They are a bit "gelly".

Yeahyeah, It´s not so important, you understand it anyway, right? I will remeber it next time.

Have a great day, love from

2008-04-11 @ 11:42:36

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