Inget hänt, Inget skrivet.

Sorry, skriver inte mkt nu när det är sommarlov. Det skulle bli ganska ensidigt vilket det redan var/är.

Idag har jag varit i täby centrum med sandra på eftermiddagen. =) Det var kul. Köpte inte så mkt, bara några onödiga grejer. Sandra är nog en vän som jag inte nämnt tidigare i min blogg, så därför lägger jag in en bild på henne längre ner.

På förmiddagen så åt jag, var ute med hunden och målade hennes hundkoja. =D Det gick snabbt och var ganska enkelt, så det var hyfsade lättförtjänta pengar. Men det lilla jag kan få tackar jag för!!

Min söta vän Sandra. -  Sedan bebis-stjärts åldern. Haha!

Postat av: christina

Hi sweetie

Thank you for the great story on your Midsummer celebration - you could tell it was really fun. You seem to take the loss like a good sportsman ... Are you sure you got the right education, the great blog you are doing looks really professional. The language is sometimes out of this world and needs a little fixer-up maybe. Enjoy the freedom this summer, no homework and no early mornings- Life is good! Who cares about money, ask mom nicely.

A big hug from us

2008-06-26 @ 01:18:06
Postat av: Emelie

I wrote a loong text but then it disapeared. :(

You´re so welcome!! We really had a lot of fun.

Maybe it´s out of your world! Not mine! The swedish teenagers are talking and writing as I do! Except my boyfriend wich is a "perfectionist" and want everything he writes to be as a grown adult. Sometimes it's good sometimes anoying. But I guess that's good too!

I have actually worked a littlebit this week. And for some weeks ago. Then I worked 2 days at dad's office. And earned 1032 kr. That's good for only 2 days I think! And at Tuesday this week I was took care of Andreas while Lars and Charlotte was working. Then I owned some money too, just by having fun with my cousin. Haha, we were at a museum wich I thinks is fun too! Then today and yesterday I painted and grind Wilma's house and our "outdoor furnitures".

Now dad wants me to paint all the windows, but I dont know if I have energy to do that now. We'll see.

Have a great summer, I´ll see you soon. Love you, byebye!

2008-06-26 @ 23:02:54

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