Mitt fina paket som jag hämtade igår innehöll detta:
underbara skor, strumpor, plastpåsar, olagligt göttis och en typ rouge. Tack mormor och morfar om du fått vara mormors svans! <3 puss på er!
Strumporna kunde inte kommit mer lämpligt, tog de sista rena samma dag!

Postat av: Anonym

Hm - dirty socks? There is something called a washer to clean up dirty clothes in.

You are such a brat but we are happy you liked and appreciated what you got in the mail. It's not about a lot of money but things you might need for the moment. At times like this, when your daddy is trying to teach you about economy!!! A lesson for life, you know.

Take care and have fun over the weekend,

love from grannies

2012-03-23 @ 03:13:49

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